Get to know the cast of BLISS: Morgan Carberry is Clementine

by moxielicious


Morgan Carberry stars as Clementine/Clytemnestra in Bliss (or Emily Post is Dead!) by Jami Brandli. Morgan answered some questions with AAD Callie Prendiville about her process:

Callie: Were you familiar with Greek mythology prior to working on this project?What has surprised you the most about the source material for these characters?

Morgan: I loved Greek mythology as a kid and even had a board game called ‘By Jove’ which explored the stories of the gods, heroes and mortals – so this show is right up my alley. I also played the title role in college in a play called Iphigenia and Other Daughters which explored the Clytemnestra/Oresteia saga, so it is interesting for me to now be on the other side of the story.

Callie: What is your favorite thing about Clementine? What’s the most challenging thing about her?

Morgan: I love that Clementine just tells it like it is, in a climate when that was not always socially acceptable or expected from women. In many ways she is very similar to me with her dry sense of humor, excellent education and ability to stand up for what she wants and believes is right. However it has been challenging to explore her darker side without getting too emotional or melodramatic – to connect with her darkness in a way that is both authentic and fitting within the tone and context of the play.

Callie: What has surprised you most about the 1960s culture that Clementine finds herself in?

Morgan: The 1960s were a time of huge transition, and it is interesting to see how the women of Bliss find themselves right on the cusp of this. Clementine wants to break out of the social stigmas that have trapped her, but still feels largely constrained from doing so. All of that would change over the next decade. It has been very interesting and surprising to recognize many cultural references and standards that I have heard my parents and teachers refer to over the years, and yet also to see how many of the challenges women face remain exactly the same today.

Callie: What do you hope audiences walk away with after seeing Bliss?

Morgan: I hope that our audiences walk away recognizing what has changed in our socio-political landscape, and yet how far we still have to go. I really identify with Clementine, and I think many women still find themselves trapped in these tragic cycles; yet the playwright’s message is that we can become empowered to break the cycle, and change the narrative for future generations. If we can inspire our audiences to do that, we will have achieved our goal.

 Thanks, Morgan! Don’t miss her in Bliss (or Emily Post is Dead!) January 28-February 25.