Interview with Samantha Ginn: Charlotte Corday

by moxielicious


MOXIE favorite Samantha Ginn stars as Charlotte Corday in Lauren Gunderson’s The Revolutionists. Corday famously assassinated revolutionary leader Jean Paul Marat in his bathtub. Samantha answered some questions for assistant director Callie Prendiville about her role:

Callie: What is your favorite thing about Charlotte?

Samantha: I love how Charlotte Corday likes to take a “stab” at new things. I’m in awe of her certainty and upper body leverage. Like her knife… She is edgy, sharp, and fearless. I love her. High Five Angel Assassin!

Callie: What’s the most interesting or unexpected thing you’ve discovered about this time period?

Samantha: I discovered that someone actually slapped Charlotte Corday in the face moments after she was killed by the guillotine.  Apparently, the victims could still feel their face after they were beheaded. I can’t even begin to imagine dying in such a horrific way. These heinous acts of torture and brutality during this time period were very gut-wrenching to learn about.

Callie: What is your biggest challenge in this piece?
Samantha: The biggest challenge in this piece is… drumroll please… THE CORSETS! I’m a total tomboy and I usually wear very loose and comfortable clothing. The corsets have a constricting life of their own. I find myself getting out of breath quickly on stage and rib soreness all due to the corset. How did these ladies of the French Revolution do it?! They all deserve to eat cake.

Callie: Why does San Diego need this play now?

Samantha: San Diego needs to see this play right now because this show has it all: Comedy, suspense, drama, hi-story, a catchy song, beautiful bosom, and no puppets. Everybody wins.

 Check out The Revolutionists playing at MOXIE through June 25!