Interview with Jo Anne Glover: Olympe de Gouges

by moxielicious


MOXIE co-founder Jo Anne Glover stars as Olympe de Gouges in Lauren Gunderson’s The Revolutionists. The real-life de Gouges was a playwright and feminist who wrote The Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen, and who lost her life at the guillotine. Jo Anne answered some questions for assistant director Callie Prendiville about her role:

Callie: What is your favorite thing about Olympe?

Jo Anne: My favorite thing about Olympe is her passion for her work and her belief that art can change the world.

Callie: What’s the most interesting or unexpected thing you’ve discovered about this time period?

Jo Anne: So many interesting things about the dynamics of the French Revolution – especially the violence that people feeling displaced can create.  I never knew about the Women’s March on Versailles, an interesting (although much less peaceful) parallel to our recent Women’s March.

Callie: What is your biggest challenge in this piece?

Jo Anne: Olympe’s journey of believing in her art versus her self-doubt about whether she’s making a difference is a very familiar one for me, but also a challenging one to find a balance for.  At first, she felt a little whiny to me (totally my own bias against my own kind aka sensitive artists), but I’m discovering the stronger her conviction to a belief in the power of art, the less it feels like whining.

Callie: Why does San Diego need this play now?

Jo Anne: We need this play right now because it’s important that we continue to recognize where there is continued inequality, and looking at it in smart and playful ways helps us to tune in, rather than tune out.

 Check out The Revolutionists playing at MOXIE through June 25!