The MOXIEs! New Award for Annual Fundraiser

by moxielicious

March 2017, San Diego CA.- MOXIE Theatre, the only theatre in Southern California dedicated to producing women’s work, is kicking off Women’s History Month with an exciting announcement. For the first time in their history, MOXIE will be hosting an awards gala Honoring San Diego Women with Grit and Determination. The MOXIEs , as the awards will be called, will be held Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 6 pm at the Lafayette Hotel, inside the historical Mississippi Ballroom . The awards ceremony will be a part of MOXIE’s annual fundraiser and will also feature a director’s cut performance of the company’s upcoming prem iere of The Revolutionists, by Lauren Gunderson, a raucous girl-powered comedy about feminism, art, and how we go about changing the world. The Revolutionists begins preview performances May 25 and opens May 27, 2017.

ˈ ē mox·ie mäk s (noun) NORTH AMERICAN informal

force of character, grit, determination, or nerve. “That girl’s got moxie.”

The MOXIEs will be awarded to ten women in San Diego who are transforming their communities and inspiring future leaders through their own leadership and accomplishments. In addition, the event will raise funds to support MOXIE’s mission to create more diverse and honest images of women for our culture and provide opportunities to female artists in San Diego.

“The time feels right,” says MOXIE Co-Founder Jennifer Eve Thorn. “I marched on Washington with my mother while my partners marched in San Diego, and our passion for our mission at MOXIE was reignited as we joined with women across the country. We want to celebrate women who live their lives with “moxie” and persist against all odds.”

MOXIE nominations are open to extraordinary and inspirational women in San Diego County from a variety of fields, including entertainment, business, sports, art, science, medicine, education, government and philanthropy. The MOXIEs Gala and Nomination Committee is chaired by Dea Hurston , longtime arts advocate, patron, philanthropist, retired teacher, and former commissioner of arts for The City of San Diego. MOXIE is accepting nominations from the community. Criteria and nomination information can be found on MOXIE’s website at