A Thankful Message from Delicia

by moxielicious

We, at MOXIE, have learned that gratitude is our single greatest tool to survive as a non-profit. As theatre artists, we have so much to be grateful for, like you dear fans and supporters of MOXIE. On this day of thankfulness, we’re happy to share the thoughts of our fearless leader, Artistic Director Delicia Turner Sonnenberg about what makes her thankful to be an artist and a MOXIE.


What makes you thankful to be an artist in your local community?

D: I am thankful for the overwhelming generosity and support I feel from the entire San Diego Theatre community – board members, audience members, staff at both our organization and others, artists, big theatres, small theatres. It’s amazing to be a part of a community that feels genuinely supportive of each other.

What makes you thankful to be an artist at MOXIE?

D: I am thankful to work in a place and make theatre with people I respect, where I get to be my whole self – artist, administrator, wife, mother, mentor, student, loving or cranky. I am especially thankful that MOXIE provides my son and daughter an example of what it means to love your work. I tell them that while talent an intelligence can be used as a weapon, they can choose to use it to positively impact the world. But seeing is believing and having them grow up around MOXIE provides an example that no “talk” can capture.

 What make you thankful to be a theatre artist in general?

D: I am thankful that I love my work. I am thankful for the opportunity to touch and be touched by people’s humanity.