Bringing the Laughter – Interview with ORANGE JULIUS’ Wendy Maples

by moxielicious


Rae K. Hendersen, Wendy Maples and Dana Case in ORANGE JULIUS. Photo by Daren Scott

The critically acclaimed World Premiere of ORANGE JULIUS, MOXIE’s first production of Season 11, is playing now through October 18, 2015.   Actress Wendy Maples plays the role of Crimp. We took a moment to catch up with Maples to talk about her character.

Will you tell us a little about your character, Crimp?

I’m playing Crimp, Nut’s older sister. She’s a middle child, kind of lost in the fold of the family.

How are you alike/different from her?

I’m definitely not a middle kid- I’m the youngest of three, so I’ve always been some kind of performer. But as the middle kid, Crimp has lots of moments that give us permission to laugh and I connect to that a lot.

What research or preparation will you be doing to get into character?

I’ve been thinking a lot about families and the roles that we play within them. Like who’s a caregiver, who needs attention, who’s misunderstood, who’s absent- every family has them. And when crisis happens, how do we react as those people or step out of those roles? Family is a powerful beast.

MaplesheadshotWhat do you expect to be the biggest challenge for you as an actor in working on this production?

My biggest challenge in any production is just being an actor! But this ensemble has been so comfortable and challenging from day one- I’m just really thrilled to be sharing creative space with these people and learning from them.

What moves you the most in the script?

So much. Basil’s words are lovely and time is fluid and Jeffrey goes fishing. All the things.

Catch Wendy Maples and the rest of the OUTSTANDING cast of ORANGE JULIUS at MOXIE through October 18, 2015. Tickets at 858-598-7620 or visit