Love Sought and Realized – Interview with ORANGE JULIUS’ Dana Case

by moxielicious


Jeffrey Jones and Dana Case in ORANGE JULIUS – Photo by Daren Scott

“Dana Case broke my heart as France, Nut’s mom.  She was painfully honest…”

ORANGE JULIUS, MOXIE’s first production of Season 11 which plays through October 18, 2015,  is a rich and layered look inside a family filled with love and struggling with loss. Actress Dana Case plays the role of France, the mother of the family. We took a moment to catch up with Case to talk about her character.

Tell us about “France”

France is a wife and mother in a working class family. I imagine that she graduated from High School and has always held a job. She goes about her business, and does what needs to be done. She has very little free time. At times during the play, France is taking care of her bedridden mother-in-law, as well as her bedridden husband. Sickness and death are a constant in her life. She admits to not knowing how to have fun.

How are you alike/different from her?

Alike: I am a wife, a mother and a daughter/daughter-in-law. I am dealing with aging parents with dementia and physical challenges.
Different: I do know how to have fun.

Dana-yellow-113-199x300What research and preparation did you do to get into character?

Looked into the Vietnam War, Agent Orange, gender identity.

What do you expect to be the biggest challenge for you as an actor in working on this production?

If I tell you that, then you’ll be looking for it in my performance! So, I’m pleading the Fifth.

What moves you the most in the script?

The universality of the story. The human voice. The poetry. The love sought and realized.

Catch Dana Case and the rest of the OUTSTANDING cast of ORANGE JULIUS at MOXIE through October 18, 2015. Tickets at 858-598-7620 or visit