Getting Grizzly – Devlin of ETERNALLY BAD

by moxielicious

IMG_3922We’re asking the cast 7 questions about ETERNALLY BAD. Serious or silly, here are ETERNALLY BAD cast member, Devlin’s answers.

Who is your favorite character in the show?

Grizzly Woman

What’s the strangest thing you learned in your research for the show?

How violent these gals were.

If we had stayed a matriarchal culture, what do you think would be the biggest difference in our society?

We would care more about our actions and the people around us.

If you were going to sleep with any character in the show… who would you choose?


You change character a lot, what’s your most challenging transformation?


Has it been hard to keep a straight face on rehearsal?


Ladies,  what has it meant to you to spend time reclaiming some bad girl legends?


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