Getting Bad with the Ladies – Michael Parrott of ETERNALLY BAD

by moxielicious

We’re asking the cast 7 questions about ETERNALLY BAD. Serious or silly, here are ETERNALLY BAD cast member, Michael Parrott’s answers.

 Michael_ParrottWho is your favorite character in the show? 

Probably the thief in the Kannaki scene. Completely ridiculous and makes Rae (fellow E-Bad cast member) nearly break

 What’s the strangest thing you learned in your research for the show?

Just the vast amount of mythos associated with each culture. I had always associated the idea of goddesses purely with Greek mythology and there is just so much more out there.

If we had stayed a matriarchal culture, what do you think would be the biggest difference in our society? 

Gender inclusion in governmental positions. 

If you were going to sleep with any character in the show… who would you choose? 

Lilith. Girl knows how to party


Photo by Daren Scott

You change character a lot, what’s your most challenging transformation? 

Going from Lohiau into Ra. Quite a difficult quick change.

Has it been hard to keep a straight face on rehearsal? 

Oh absolutely. There are some hilarious moments in this show with some very talented/funny people; it’s a challenge to not break almost every night. 

How do you think, if these myths and legends were still known and shared by the average person, men and women might be different,  if at all?

I believe a lot of the goddesses that the women portray in the show are very strong and empowering individuals. I could see shedding more light on these stories possibly continuing those traits. 

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