THAT was Jo Anne Glover?

by moxielicious


Jo Anne Glover in “Mud Blue Sky” Promo Photo Shoot – by Daren Scott

Standing in the lobby after a performance of MOXIE’s Mud Blue Sky by Marisa Wegrzyn, I overheard a long time patron say “They were all so good. Who was the blonde?” To which the house manager replied, “That was Jo Anne Glover, you know Jo Anne, she’s one of the founders of MOXIE.” The patron hesitated, “Well, of course I know Jo Anne, but…wait THAT was Jo Anne Glover?” It’s not  surprising that she was mistaken. Glover did grow six inches for the part, go blonde, construct a new strut and virtually reinvent herself as the sharp-tongued, single-minded and fairly selfish, “Sam”,  in Mud Blue Sky (see the image below). Here’s where you ask how she GREW. We can’t explain it but we promise you’ll agree that Sam is taller than the actress who plays her and it’s not the shoes.

Glover fans will tell you that transforming isn’t a new trick for the actress who works all over the city but this transformation is perhaps one of her most complete to date and it’s utterly convincing. 

“Moxie co-founder Jo Anne Glover gives a razor-edge performance as the manipulative and self-absorbed Sam.” -UT San Diego 


“Glover’s Sam is utterly convincing in her struggle to succeed in the dual worlds of motherhood and work.  She’s up for anything (and is randy to boot), and the internal fight is evident and riveting to watch” – San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (


“Speaking of timing, Jo Anne Glover’s Sam is right on the button with hers. Both awed and amazed all at once her expressions are priceless..”


Glover took time before a performance to tell us about her experience in Mud Blue Sky and also took time to record a fabulous video interview about the character and play. Enjoy both and reserve your tickets for one of the two remaining performances of Mud Blue Sky on Saturday June 7 or Sunday June 8th! Click Here to Buy Tickets Now or call 858-598-7620



Jo Anne Glover as Sam in Mud Blue Sky – Photo by Ash Arrow Photography

What shows have you done recently in San Diego that MOXIE audiences may have seen you in? 

Maple & Vine at Cygnet, Skinless at MOXIE.

How are you like your character in Mud Blue Sky? How are you different? 

I actually think she’s the most different from me than any character I’ve played in a while. She likes to party and talks a lot (I mean, I might talk a lot, but not as fast or as broadly as her).  She’s definitely an “acter”
not a thinker.

What have you learned during the rehearsal and production process for Mud Blue Sky?

I think I’ve learned a bit more about “just doing it” – allowing myself to say and do things I’d never personally do or say with abandon.

What is the hardest moment in the show for you to not break character and laugh? 

 If I say it’d ruin the surprise.

What made you want to be a part of this production? 

The script and the company involved.

What is most surprising to you about this play?  

The way it creeps into your heart and leaves you smiling.