Sephus’ Godfrey “is a living ache”

by moxielicious

_mg_7590Godfrey Crump is a complex character. In the good old days he liked to party but after a particular batch of moonshine nearly blinded him and his wife past away leaving him with two daughters that are nearly women, he needed a new leaf to turn over and fast. That’s when he discovered Father Divine and the Peace Mission and moved his daughters from the country to Brooklyn…but then his hot communist sister-in-law shows up with temptation and magnetism so he…marries a white german immigrant who is almost a complete stranger. Did we mention it’s 1950? As we were saying, Godfrey is a complex character so MOXIE needed a versatile actor with a strong presence to play the deeply troubled Mr. Crump. In walks Vimel Sephus. As the press said, “Godfrey is a living ache. He’s all questions — presented in a burst of theatricality at Moxie — no answers. Vimel Sephus doesn’t break out as Godfrey. He breaks down another wall and once again shows his versatility as an actor.” -Jeff Smith, San Diego Reader. 

The MOXIE Blog caught up with Vimel between performances to ask a few questions.

How did you become an actor?

Storyville at the San Diego Rep 2010.  Before that I only did music.

Would the MOXIE audience have seen you in anything else in San Diego?

Cygnet, A Behanding in Spokane; Ion, In The Heat of The Night/Chad Deity

What do you think about the script?

Mystical, Historical, deep yet lighthearted

What’s your favorite moment of the play?

Marlene Dietrich’s special appearance.

What’s your favorite line you get to say?

“We don’t keep no liquor in this house.”

What part of the process has been challenging?

Learning about Father Divine and his doctrine.

What do you think audiences will enjoy about the production?

It’s like a soap opera with substance.

What have you learned since working on this production about yourself or the world around you?

Everyone is desperately searching for comfort and acceptance, and will go to virtually any length to get it; whether realized or not. The process of discovery is different for each individual. Through it all, an understanding that you’ll never FULLY understand the happenings of this world is gained.

Catch Vimel and the rest of the incredible CRUMBS ensemble before Crumbs from the Table of Joy closes on March 2, 2014. Click here to buy tickets now or call 858-598-7620