Lisel Gorell-Getz Taps June Carter Cash and The Walking Dead

by moxielicious

Lisel Gorell-Getz in SKINLESS Photo by Daren Scott

Lisel Gorell-Getz in SKINLESS Photo by Daren Scott

Detail oriented doesn’t begin to describe one of San Diego’s most diligent and meticulous actresses. Lisel Gorell-Getz is fascinating to watch on stage. She makes acting look easy and simple but when you watch her night after night, you see her beautiful focus and dedication to details.  While in high demand as an actress, Lisel is also a teaching artist at The Old Globe, the Director of Education for MOXIE Theatre and happily married mother of two boys. She plays the oldest of the Wells sisters, Marigold, in SKINLESS. We found time to chat with Lisel between shows and find out how she’s enjoying the process. Take a peek and get excited to see SKINLESS. Tickets available online now or call the box office at 858-598-7620.

SKINLESS is full of poetry as well as fantastic dialogue. What’s your favorite line in the play?

I love when Zinnia Wells (played by Jo Anne Glover) reads aloud from her novels. The words are so juicy and evocative and thrilling!  Like this one: “The forest was close on her shoulder and seemed to breathe down her collar, a heavy whisper of pine scented mystery…” I love listening to it every night.

What’s been your favorite part of the SKINLESS process so far?

I really like how all the technical elements have added to the mystery of the play. It’s definitely a disturbing story and as the production came together over our final rehearsals with sound and lights and set, the story really came to a vivid and creepy life.

 How is your character different from other character’s you’ve played?

My character (Marigold Wells) is so practical and grounded, but still has a sense of humor about her circumstances. I like her matter-of-factness and sense of responsibility.

 What kind of research or prep work did you do to play your character?

I play a woman living on a farm in Georgia in the 1950’s. So I did research into the world of the play…. among other things, I listened to a lot of June Carter Cash and the Carter sisters to get into the lives of these women stuck on the farm in the middle of the woods. Also, I watched a lot of  The Walking Dead….