Dame Rhona Gold?

by moxielicious

Rhona Gold in DRINK ME photo by Emil Brown

Rhona Gold in DRINK ME photo by Emil Brown

She hasn’t been officially honored by the monarchy but we’re pretty sure that’s only because we’re selfishly keeping her in San Diego. Rhona Gold IS, however, San Diego theatre royalty. Anyone who’s seen her on stage knows what we’re talking about. After our first preview of SKINLESS,  an audience member leaned back to the director and said “Who is that woman playing the professor? She’s got gravitas!”  Gravitas indeed.  You may have scene Rhona in past MOXIE productions Drink Me, Expecting Isabel, Eleemosynary and The Crucible (co-produced with Intrepid Shakespeare).  In Johnna Adams‘ SKINLESS, which opens Nov 9, 2013 at MOXIE, she plays the ruthless Women’s Studies Professor, Sylvia Diaz. We caught up with her after a preview performance to learn more about how the play has gotten under her skin. Take a peek and then buy your tickets to SKINLESS!

SKINLESS is full of poetry as well as fantastic dialogue. What’s your favorite line in the play?

“And their eyes would meet, and girls who had hated one another the class before–cheerleaders who had looked at math nerds with contempt as they walked into the room, would find a painful sisterhood in the absence of satisfying answers.”

What’s been your favorite part of the SKINLESS process so far?

Working with these extraordinarily talented, astute, and generous women.  Both on the stage and off.

How is your character different from other characters you’ve played?

This woman is more of a shark than I’ve played before.

What kind of research or prep work did you do to play your character?

 I researched  the 18th century woman/writer, Frances Burney, who’s referred to in the play.  As I was doing this, I began to feel a little like the academic that my character is.

Catch Rhona Gold in SKINLESS by Johnna Adams playing Nov. 1  – Dec. 8, 2013 at MOXIE Theatre located at 6663 El Cajon Blvd Suite N. San Diego CA 92115.  Tickets Available Online Now or call 858-598-7620