Jo Anne Glover – Dark, Daring and Delicious

by moxielicious

W_NL_Glover286754x003If you see theatre in San Diego, it’s very likely you know MOXIE founder, Jo Anne Glover. Fans (and she has a few) often say that the most remarkable thing about Jo Anne as an actress, is that she transforms so completely into every character she plays. Directors and actors love working with Jo Anne because she’s so dedicated, humble, professional and frankly damned good EVERY TIME. Most artists have hits or misses but the critics agree that if Jo Anne is on stage, she’s good. MOXIE is thrilled to offer San Diego audiences the chance to see her in a whole new light as the dark daring and delicious Zinnia Wells in SKINLESS by Johnna Adams playing Nov 1 – Dec 8 at MOXIE. If you love Jo Anne (and chances are you do) you won’t want to miss her in this! We caught her between rehearsals and had a chance to ask a few questions. Enjoy!



You’re playing 1950’s Science-Fiction and Horror writer Zinnia Wells in SKINLESS. Throughout the play you read some of your/her work aloud. What’s your favorite line that Zinnia has written in one of her short stories or novel?

Glover: Hmmm…tough one – but I think it’s a line of Paige’s that Bluebell (Zinnia’s sister) reads near the end of the play  “Oh, baby, this is magnificent. I’m so happy for you. So very happy. You are going to be free and strong and more beautiful than you can imagine.”

Jo Anne Glover as Zinnia Wells Photo by Daren Scott

Glover as Zinnia Wells
Photo by Daren Scott


What’s been your favorite part of the SKINLESS process so far?

Glover: Working with the actresses playing the sisters and Delicia to discover the family dynamics.  Also playing this intensely gifted and loving character.  She has a fierceness within that has kept her going through trauma.

How is Zinnia different from other character’s you’ve played?

Glover: I’m hesitant to use the word “crazy” to describe Zinnia, because I actually don’t think she is – but I’ve never played someone so immersed in her own view that is very different from reality.

What kind of research or prep work did you do to play Zinnia?

Glover: Getting in touch with my own artistic, storytelling voice. Studying the Georgia accent.  Luckily, having grown up in the South, that world is pretty ingrained in me – so just remembering the sensory dynamics of the rural South.  Also, deciding just how “crazy” or not I believe she is.

Buy Tickets Online Now or Call 858-598-7620. SKINLESS plays Nov 1 – Dec 8, 2013 at MOXIE Theatre. Thurs-Sat at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm.