When Our MOXIE Girls Come Back to Us as Women

by moxielicious

Our success at MOXIE is most truly reflected in the young female artists who come through our doors looking for a place to stretch their wings and push their boundaries. In the last 8 years we’ve worked with many inspiring young actresses, directors, writers, designer and technicians who went on to develop incredible careers, further their studies and open theaters of their own. One of those young women is Alice Cash. Alice came to MOXIE in our third season looking to learn about directing. She was a girl then,  a bright, brave, determined, generous and gifted young woman who was just about to take flight. Now she’s back at MOXIE 6 years later and in the Assistant Directing seat. She gives us a peek into her journey and the upcoming SKINLESS.

            I was sixteen years old when I first worked for Moxie.  An amazing project was coming up, Victoria Martin Math Team Queen, and I desperately wanted to be on board.  A play about a girl, one of the most popular in High School, who just wants to do mathematics; what a cool message, and entirely unusual, pushing this girl to be a pedantic.  It inspired me to try something different; I too joined my High School Academic Team, a quiz show against rival schools with all kinds of subject matter.

            Victoria Martin, Math Team Queen was such a wonderful experience.  I met the whole Moxie gang.  I assisted the inspiring Jen Thorn as she directed this beautiful piece into life, and she consequently went on to win a Patte Award for Theatre Excellence for her role.  Working with a group of powerful, strong women who knew what they wanted was Moxie. 

 ImageIn the past six years since , I finished high school, and recently, just graduated from college.  I kept what I learned from Jen and all the Moxie women with me when I directed at Georgetown University, both with my reimagined Sweeney Todd, and my Senior Thesis, which I wrote and directed based on the relationship of Charles Dodgson, otherwise known as Lewis Carroll, and his muse, Alice Liddell.  After graduating in May, I jetted off to France where I was commissioned to write a play for the Department of Development for the Region of Nord Pas de Calais, and I finally returned to San Diego about a month ago.  Experiencing such a bold group of theatre makers, Moxie, at such an early age encouraged me to go bold and find nerve, and why I’m back working with the Moxie on their newest production, Skinless by Johnna Adams.

Skinless examines the world of being Female and how we can attempt to define this gender.  The play flashes back and forth between the modern era and the 1950’s with clashing violence, suffering romance, and stunning verbal imagery.  The Moxie Audience will examine this world of Academia once again, now in the college PhD setting, where a Women’s Studies Doctorate Candidate must find a subject for her dissertation, as well as journey to rural Georgia to watch a group of compellingly expressive sisters.  The Moxie Audience is in for a treat.

To learn more about Skinless visit www.moxietheatre.com/skinless

Skinless is playing Nov 1 – Dec 8, 2013 at MOXIE 
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