Nobody Loves Like A House Cat

by moxielicious

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Anna Rebek as Cat – Photo by Daren Scott

We saved this naughty kitty for last. The MOXIE blog gets cozy with Anna Rebek, who plays Cat in this final part of our series of interviews with the cast of “References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot” which closes this Sunday at 2pm.

Casting Cat was a blast.  Over a series of days we saw many different “cats” pass through the doors at MOXIE. We saw actresses play prissy cats, lazy cats, high strung cats and hungry cats but nobody quite embodied the soul of Cat like Anna Rebek. When you see her strut the stage saying “Nobody loves like a house cat” you’ll know just what we mean!

How did you start your career in acting Anna?

I went to an all girls school, so when I got leads in plays there were so many types of roles I played, peter pan, Indian princes, fat old womanizing dudes in tuxedos. It was awesome to be experiencing something so different from my awkward pubescent self! I was hooked.

What have you been working on recently besides playing sexy Cat?

I recently produced and directed the Good Friday service for my church, MCC, or the Met, titled Rend Your Heart, Not Your Garments. It was so beautiful to have people trust themselves to be open and vulnerable, sharing their less than perfect stories with us. They trusted me to lead them through it, and it was a true gift.

 How have you enjoyed the process of working on “Dali”?

This play is hot. The testosterone on and off stage would crack open a coconut. And it’s so beautiful to have the language of Rivera to seduce and be seduced by. The poetry, the creative team and the cast have been magical.

What has been your greatest challenge in working on the play?

Definitely the fact that for a long chunk of time in rehearsals, Alina (our costume goddess) and Dana (our dreamy director) wanted me in heels. I just couldn’t complete the ebb and flow of movement I wanted for Cat without using my feet. When eventually Dana said “let’s try bare feet…” I literally woo-hooed.

What do you think audiences will love the most about the play?

My friend Patrick Mayuyu summed it up in a facebook comment:

This show is a MUST SEE; absolutely wonderful!!! I encourage everyone to go see it, especially if you love poetry, emotions, sexiness and attractive people. GO!

If you want to catch Anna Rebek as Cat in “References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot” buy your tickets now at or call 858-598-7620. “Dali” is playing through May 5, 2013 at MOXIE Theatre. Tickets $25-27. Groups of 10+ are $15 and groups of 15+ are $10