Watchful Moon and Peeping Martin

by moxielicious


While Gabriela awaits the return of her husband, there are two male figures who keep a watchful eye over her as she sleeps on the ground in her back yard. In References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, Moon is played by a man. The moon is watchful and full of lust but his is a mature desire, seasoned by countless nights spent watching from above. And on the other end of the spectrum is 14 year old Martin, the boy next door who is “dying to touch a woman’s thing.” Martin is a sweet and desperate young man who is just beginning to get “hair all over his body.” In MOXIE’s productions the celestial and pubescent young men are played by veteran actor John Padilla, whose debonair moon sweeps the audience off its feet, and Apollo Blatchley, whose earnest approach to the role has won over the critics.

How did you both become actors?

Padilla: After my tour of duty in the  U.S.A.F., I attended Southwester College in Chula Vista where I took my first acting class to fill time between classes.

Blatchley:  I didn’t want to become a Biologist. So I decided I wanted to do what I always wanted to, but was too afraid to try in High School.

What were you both working on before ‘Dali’?

Padilla: Most recently appeared in “Zoot Suit”, “Elliot A Soldiers Fugue” and “ Water and Power”.

Blatchley: I did a series of plays in New York called #FirstWorldProblems. I also have been writing music music for the past couple of years with my bandmates; We “may” be done on our album in a year.

What is your greatest challenge in working on the play been so far?

Padilla: Working with my deep voice so that you don’t miss a word!

Blatchley: Being Honest and holding back when I need to (it’s a story not a comedic act).

What do you think audiences will love the most about the play?

Padilla: The sexy voices, sexy faces, sexy action and conflicts within love!

Blatchley: The Ending (trust me it’s a doozie).

If you want to catch John Padilla and Apollo Blatchley in “References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot” buy your tickets now at or call 858-598-7620. “Dali” is playing through May 5, 2013 at MOXIE Theatre. Tickets $25-27. Groups of 10+ are $15 and groups of 15+ are $10