Stuck in Star Wars & Dreaming of the Ass of Heaven

by moxielicious

JORGE-009-proofonlyIt’s a little mind blowing when you hear Jorge Rodriguez tells you this is only his third play. He’s good. He’s really damn good. Then you think about all those stories you hear of movie stars who were picked off the street and you see them in their first film and they’re so gritty and real it blows your mind. That’s Jorge. His character Benito was a daunting challenge to cast. Benito is returning from deployment where he’s  been stuck doing computer simulations of war (Star Wars) in the desert of Iraq and dreaming of his wife’s behind, which he calls the “ass of heaven”. He’s fought a war, he’s killed but he’s desperate to love again.  We got lucky when Jorge walked into the theatre.

Your story is fascinating. Will you tell us how you decided to become an actor?

Jorge: I woke up one morning and decided to give it a shot. I found on Craigslist an open call posting for all the Thesis films from SDSU’s Film Department. I showed up without a headshot and obviously no resume. I was asked if I had a monologue and my response was “What’s a monologue?”.  I was actually cast in 4 different films from that audition.

What were you last in? 

I had the opportunity to work on the World Premiere of Julia at Ion Theatre. The most memorable part in that process was that the last 20 minutes of the play where changed completely 5 days before opening night even after previews had started and we still managed to have a successful opening.

The play I did before Julia was actually my first play ever and it was also a very unique process for me because I played Don John in Much Ado About Nothing at NVA and they took the time to give me a crash course on Shakespeare.

How are you enjoying working with Rivera’s play?

I am loving working on “Dali”. I’ve never worked on something so dense and so open for many interpretations. Every time I approach the script, weather its reading it on my own or in rehearsal, I find a new layer that wasn’t there before.

What has been the greatest challenge?

It has been finding the rhythms and musicality of Jose Rivera’s writing.

What do you think the audience will most enjoy?

If you want to catch Jorge as Benito in “References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot” buy your tickets now at or call 858-598-7620. “Dali” is playing April 6 – May 5, 2013 at MOXIE Theatre. Tickets $25-$40. Groups of 10+ are $15 and groups of 15+ are $10.
Even though it is Magical Realism, the human element of the play. The realness of the relationships in it.