Hickroydickory and the Big Question

by moxielicious

At the beginning of the rehearsal process for Hickorydickory the actors were asked to consider whether or not they would look at their mortal clock to see the time of their death if given the opportunity.  Looming in the background of all the fun the cast has had working on the show, an awareness of time has permeated each individual’s life. Perhaps that’s in part to the 60+ clocks that adorn the set. This is what we love most about theatre, the time it gives us to reconsider our own humanity. Cast member Justin Lang takes a moment to share his thoughts on the big question.

Is it better to know, or not to know?

ImageWorking on Hickorydickory is bringing to my attention the awareness of how I am appropriating my time. I feel this play telling me to listen better. Listen to what people are saying and how they are saying it. In what context we are having the conversation, what our “room” is and what the speaker is trying to give me. I’m finding that I’m interested in how much knowledge I can get from being observantly engaged in conversations. Fully and truly listening and taking in information. Sharing with someone what feels like  “proper time.” This enhanced process of listening makes for quicker and deeper connections with the cast onstage, as well as tapping into the wealth of ideas and depth of emotion that Jen is bringing to the direction of the story.

In every line, from the first to the very last, I am aware of the careful effort that Marisa put into writing this play. Hickorydickory is saying you have some time but you have to be cool with not knowing how much time you or others have left. The knowledge that your time may be up at any moment can be scary, but don’t blame the knowledge, blame the behavior of people in the presence of the knowledge. Knowledge gives you the opportunity to act.

I think to answer my own question, yes, it IS better to know. It’s better to know that you don’t know and to act accordingly.  And it is better that you come see this show! Tickets available at http://www.moxietheatre.com/hickorydickory or at the box office 858-598-7620 HICKORYDICKORY plays through Dec 16, 2012 at MOXIE Theatre.

Photo Credit: Justin Lang in HICKORYDICKORY. Photo by Daren Scott