Daring To Taste That Apple – Delicia Speaks About Directing, Naomi Wallace and Eve

by moxielicious


Paul Serusier’s “Eve Picking the Apple” – 1906

I asked Delicia Turner Sonnenberg, MOXIE’s Artistic Director and the director of Naomi Wallace’s The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek, to speak with me about directing and her current project. In true Delicia form, she tossed me this bit o’ brilliance:

As an artist I am very influenced by my early childhood recollections of growing up in the South. I was struck by the contradictions there – the clarity of seeing humanity at its worst AND its best. My granddaddy’s a preacher, and I loved going to church. I loved how a story could spark my imagination and rouse my soul (it’s this love of rousing stories that now drives my passion for Theatre). When I first heard the story of Adam and Eve, I could just picture her standing there before the Tree of Knowledge being beguiled by the Serpent. Naked. Wanting to KNOW.  Daring to taste that apple. The sheer audacity of the moment blew me away. I’m sure that’s not what my granddaddy or my Sunday school teacher wanted me to take away. But, Eve naked and vulnerable, yet still courageous enough to act – I just never got over it. As Artistic Director of MOXIE Theatre, I aspire to uncover provocative female voices writing for the Theatre and I work to change ideas about what people consider “women’s work.” As a director, I am most drawn to stories that pit individuals against larger forces:  humans vs. nature, family vs. self, individuals vs. injustice, Eve vs. God.

I fall in love with playwrights the way others fall in love with rock stars. My newest love is Naomi Wallace.  Directing her play, The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek feels like a privilege.  It has everything I am drawn to in a play- great story, complex characters and provocative imagery. Like the Eve from my imagination, Naomi is not contented, but dares to ask big questions: What happens to hard working people when the American Dream becomes a nightmare?  What happens to the next generation?  The characters in this play are not content either.  They are battling forces much bigger than themselves, literally and figuratively.  And, ultimately reminding us all of the smallness of humanity, and at the same time humanity’s courage in the face of great odds. 


Graphic Design by Tess Rigby

Don’t miss seeing Delicia work her magic and hearing why Naomi Wallace is a genius. No, really, she won the MacArthur “Genius Grant” so we aren’t exaggerating. The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek Sep 29 – Oct 28, 2012 at MOXIE Theatre. Buy Tickets Now or call 858-598-7620.