The Trestle at….what?

by moxielicious


Graphic Design by Tess Rigby

Yeah, we hear you. It’s a mouth full but The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek is more than the title of the first show of Season 8 at MOXIE, it’s a real place that’s spawned urban legends and seen the tragic loss of many lives. Naomi Wallace’s play doesn’t claim to be based on any real events but the heart of her story takes place under a trestle (a bridge trains cross over) in Kentucky, which also happens to be Wallace’s home state. The real Trestle at Pope Lick Creek has attracted many visitors who have sadly dared to cross the tracks, despite the construction of an 8 foot fence which the town hoped would keep dare devils out. When the train crosses there is nowhere to hide which forces people to jump or face the train. Some people claim there is actually a monster, the Pope Lick Monster, that lures people onto the tracks with voice mimicry or hypnosis. The monster is supposed to be a human/goat hybrid and some say it was once a circus freak.

There’s no monster in Wallace’s play, unless you count the Great Depression which looms over the lives of all the characters, or the 560 ton train that thunders over the trestle, but here is one hell of wicked twist. We hope your curiosity is piqued. The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek runs Sept 29 – Oct 28, 2012 at MOXIE. We can’t wait to share this haunting and beautiful play with San Diego!

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