Just kidding

by Elaine


So here I go, opening big. “I’m gonna crank this bitch up!” I yell into the proverbial wind.

And then? Crickets.

Yeah, I got sick. The kind of sick where you wake up one morning with your face as white as a sheet, your voice run off, and your breath dragging in and out of you like low tide across the rocks.

Upper respiratory infections are greedily little punks. The take up all your time & energy.

But I feel almost human again, thanks to antibiotics to kill the infection & probiotics to save my gut. So instead of me going on about something I can no longer remember (seriously, I wrote the best freaking post in my head the night before I got sick) I want to ask you a question:

In what kind of moment do you feel most alive?

Interpret that as you see fit. I eagerly await your replies.

PS I’m writing this post on my phone, so it could format beautifully or look like a monkey did the layout. Super curious as to where it’ll place the photo. This could be interesting…