Right, how do we work this thing?

by Elaine

The MOXIE Babes
It’s been over a year since one of us MOXIE girls sat down to share with the fine folks that live in our computers. This is downright irresponsible of us. But then, you try creating award-winning art while making & caring for small humans, maintaining relationships and keeping food on the table in this economy. It’s shockingly hard at times.

And yet, we are more often in love with the work we do than not. This is due in large part to the people we get to work with and those crystal clear moments where everything comes together on stage and creates a perfect breath… one that is raw and honest and speaks into the very heart of the those we aim to serve.

That would be you, by the way.

But really, as the newest MOXIE, I’m working on getting this bidness back up and talking about what we do, what YOU do and how art moves forward in all our lives, no matter if you’re a MOXIE or “just” a Mama with poster paint in your hair.  I aim to post some photos of what’s happening behind the scenes (I have a particularly interesting set of photos that include a certain MOXIE birthday girl and a “fireman”, but I can’t promise they’ll make it here), with our audiences (opening night of The Toughest Girl Alive we snapped a photo of the audience), those people who make all of this possible and whatever else comes to mind.

But before I do, can I get an echo?  In other words, is anybody even out there anymore?  Say hello and let us know you want more moxielicious content.


Elaine Gingery is the newest MOXIE, working as a “Managing Associate”.  Previously she worked as Managing Director for Sledgehammer Theatre and New Village Arts.  She has made her way through various other arts organizations in San Diego since 1991.  Currently she works as the Pub Manager at The Old Globe and parents two little girls, age 5 & 7, while knitting poorly, photographing everything that’ll hold still, raising chickens and writing her own blog at Wannabe Hippie.