Where we at

by jenthorn


It’s no doubt that many followers of the MOXIE blog simply gave up hope.  Where did those MOXIEs go anyway?  We didn’t really go anywhere.  Well that’s not true we went a lot of places.  Here is a recap of what I know has been happening in the month of October at MOXIE. 
-We moved into our new space at the Rolando Theatre (check out our new signage above.  Soon it will have our logo and everything)
-We opened the second show in our fifth season to rave reviews. See more about that below…
-We held the first of our off-night series, MOXIE Blues night with the killer blues band Fat Man’s Misery.
-Jen Thorn flew to Miami Florida to remount the MOXIE award-winning staged reading event of How I Learned to Drive
Delicia began rehearsals for The Seafarer at SD Rep
-MOXIE successfully rehearsed and put in three understudies (a MOXIE first) on two separate weekends while Jason Connors and Jo Anne Glover attended out-of-town events. Yeah Melissa Fernandes, Justin Lang and Max Macke who stepped into the roles of Jo-Jo, Dog and Coke in Dog Act
MOXIE launched its $5 for Five campaign.  A fundraising effort for the new space which encourages people to make smaller contributions in the amount of $5 toward MOXIE’s Fifth Season and furnishing of their new space.  We’ve been pleased to discover that this smaller amount means an overall average of more donated dollars per day than ever before.
-MOXIE finished casting the third show in its Fifth Season Expecting Isabel.
-We have begun a “We’re Your New Neighbors” campaign in the Rolando area which is comprised of board efforts to introduce MOXIE to local businesses, an on-foot campaign delivering “welcome” package to surrounding neighborhood and an upcoming Cygnet Subscriber night at MOXIE where we host an audience of Cygnet Subscribers for a special performance so they can meet us.

We’ve been a little busy but we promise to get back to our roots soon and keep the blog afloat.  Now a little about Dog Act…
Sylvia_M'lafi_ThompsonRe-mounting a show is scary.  It’s especially scary when the show was so well-received and develops a sort of mythical reputation.  What if it isn’t as good as it was the first time? Will we be able to do the script justice again?  All those fears occurred to us when we considered bringing Dog Act back…but with every new audience we are assured that this was the perfect way to move into our new home.  The show is bog with a vengeance.  The music is more developed, the “acts” are honed, the actors are sharp and the overall product is irresistable.  Don’t believe us?  Check out what the critics are saying and then come see for yourself.  I’ve developed a whole new love for the script and couldn’t be more proud of the work Delicia and this ensemble of actors and designers have done.

“You have got to see this show – even if you saw it before. It is so inventive, so distinctive, so whimsical, and so wonderfully well done, it’s absolutely irresistible – and unforgettable. You gotta love a play that describes the sea like this: “It smell like a come-on meeting a want-to, a knife-edge meeting a peach.” Let this play wash over you; you’ll be refreshed, replenished, re-convinced of the power of theater.“- Pat Launer, SDNN.com

“Instead of laboriously creating and recording a physical illusion of the chosen fantasy, this theatre taps directly into the imagination of each new audience, inspiring personal, hand-crafted reactions in every viewer.”-Welton Jones, SanDiego.com

“The plot of Dog Act is goofy, the characters outrageous, the costumes hilarious, the songs clever, the script loaded with references to everything from Peter Pan to old classic TV shows. The whole is a raucous, rollicking good time, and leaves you with this cheery thought: “However bad it be, it gonna keep gettin’ worse.” As Coke might say, “Do not thou f***ing miss it.”-Jean Lowerison, GLTNews.com