Hi everybody, I miss you.

by Esther Emery

Ladies, this blog is not updated. You are no longer a homeless theatre company. You’ve opened and closed Drink Me in residency at the La Jolla Playhouse, and you’re running Dog Act in the new space in Rolando. What a lot you all have going on! But I’m not informed well enough to do the update.

I happen to know, because I am still an author of this blog, that Amy has begun but not finished a post called “Farewell, Esther.” If she’s anything like me, she wanted to say something, maybe because I started this blog, and then I went and moved to New England, and it seemed like somebody ought to say something. But if she’s anything like me, she wasn’t quite sure what to say, because maybe there is so much to say, and getting past the post title sounds like an awful lot of work.

I’m in Boston now, or just outside of Boston. I can’t tell you a whole lot about the Boston theatre scene because I’m not in it. I’m at home with the kids. I’m learning to quilt, and still practicing my juggling. I do ceramics on Saturdays. The fall leaves are AMAZING.


I was waiting to post here again until I had something really relevant to MOXIE or to the issues we’ve talked about on this blog. I would discover a woman-and-child friendly theatre company in the Boston area, or would see a really challenging show, or meet a kick ass female playwright.  But none of that has happened yet, and it’s been a couple of months, so I decided not to wait anymore. I’m proud of all the developments in the MOXIE world, as I hear about them from a distance, and I’m very proud to be a MOXIE emeritus.

I’m doing a blog project for the month of November that I’d like to invite the MOXIE babes and friends to visit or participate in. I’ve decided to go ahead and give over to my hermit impulse — for a finite period of time — so I’m going off the internet for a year. And I’m doing a one-month blog marathon as a transition ritual, and also to explore some ways that I might be able to write about the experience.

Stop by sometime, okay? Anytime in November, I’ll be there. And debate with me, because I miss that.