Bye Bye, Butcher of Baraboo

by Esther Emery


Jo Anne and I went to the landfill today. Manual labor? Pretty satisfying.  Leaving the babies at home with Delicia (where they both slept, because it seems they always sleep when somebody else is watching them)?Equally satisfying. Saying goodbye to a set that I loved? Tragic.

The Butcher of Baraboo closed on Sunday.  I am coping by creating a new piece of art (the photo above) out of the death of an old piece of art.

The landfill staff wasn’t so impressed. I got chastised by a friendly fellow in an orange vest, who probably enjoyed the fact that I jumped guiltily and put my camera in the cab when he accused me of letting Jo Anne do all the work.

I did help, I swear.

Here’s Jo nursing a bloody thumb, as a pile of the wallpaper that I spent an entire day getting up without any bubbles approaches unity with a couch and some yard waste.


At least my thumb isn’t bleeding.

Happy closing, everybody! Thanks for your beautiful work on The Butcher of Baraboo!