Playing The Part: Part II

by jenthorn

Tech beings tonight which means the final days of rehearsal when the play still belongs to the ensemble and not the audience. The process so far has been a challenge. Comedy is hard and this particular comedy happens to have its roots, as most good comedies do, in the most painful issues we deal with as humans. That means in some senses we are working on two different plays: A drama where all the characters are at HUGE turning points in their life where they are faced with their biggest demons, AND an all out physical and verbal comedy. Someones life is threatened in nearly every scene of the play and yet it’s silly and often lighthearted. How the hell did the playwright manage to strike both chords and did she have any idea what a roller coaster this thing would be to produce?

As I play the charachter Sevenly I explore what it means to be trapped in a belief system that you used to define yourself by but which no-longer works for the life you feel you must lead. As Sevenly struglles with a difficult decision, she finds that her faith in God is challenged and that her very definition of self must bend if she is to survive. I am struggling with the balance of playing her honestly without ignoring the fact that there is a lot of comedy to be found in how different she is from the other women on the stage. It’s tempting to see her as very different from myself but I discover more everyday that she isn’t. I can’t wait to get into costume for the first time tonight and truly find the last parts of who she is!