On finding my inner six-year-old

by jenthorn

This post was written by Jo Anne.  Someone get that girl a password so she can keep writing blog posts like this one!

Yesterday, I had a great time at my godson Auggie’s baseball game.  It was so cool to be outside in the late afternoon.  Great people watching – all of the very serious 10-year-olds and their parents rooting for them. 

But, some of my favorite moments were hanging out with six-year-old Zoe, who I am just so inspired by right now.  I loved watching her entertain herself, investigating the underside of a table, skipping off to the playground.  At one point, she picked a little flower – one of those little plants made of little grains that fall apart when you rub them between your fingers.  She was telling me about how she and her best friend Piper will pretend that its wheat and play granary.  Really?  They play GRANARY?  And, I was just struck by the simplicity of being six.  The lovely openness and beauty with which she approaches the world.  I want to regain some of that loveliness.  As most of us do, I let it get chased out of me – but I want to rediscover my six-year-old.  I think she’s probably pretty cool.

I’m not a poet, but felt inspired by this baby goddess.

For my goddaughter, THE PRINCESS ZOE

Sweet Princess
You amaze me with your

I love how you wonder at nature
At dogs
At sticks
At flowers
At people 

So much spirit
So much spunk
For someone so small
You INSPIRE me with
Your BIG heart and BIG self 

Your laugh will always make me smile
Just like your mama, my sister
It makes my heart bigger
And when you hug me
I know I would travel to the ends of the earth for you
I am so blessed to know someone as cool as you