Cafe Press

by Esther Emery


I didn’t make room in my April budget for an original piece of art. But I did buy a magnet. It made my day to open the mail on my birthday and find this adorable monster, created by Amy Chini and sold via CafePress. Doesn’t  it look nice on our fridge?

Milo doesn’t understand why I keep telling him that the monster was made by Amy, since it doesn’t look like her  at all. And he is understandably frustrated that the magnet is too strong for him to pull off the fridge and ferret away underneath the bookcase. Otherwise, we’re satisfied customers.  

If you want to check out Amy’s store and buy a magnet for yourself, go here.

Or, even better, if you want to open your own online store so I can buy a magnet from you, too, go here.