About that MOXIE – No more delay!

by Esther Emery

Ladies and gents, I have a new computer, and the delete key works, and the space bar works, so I’m able to sit at the computer again without reaching for the nearest hammer.  (Whether for my head or the dysfunctional keyboard, I’m not sure.)  So…I’m back.

And today, I’m here to tell you about Dustin Long.

This is Dustin.


He’s our TD. That stands for Technical Director. TD’s are legendary for being grumpy, and I should know, since I’m married to one, but Dustin breaks that particular mold. He’s very, very funny. 

And he collects shoes.  

I’m not making that up. The subject arose during a production meeting for The Sugar Syndrome, and he admits to having a closet full.  Maybe that bit of delicious self-care is the way he avoids the stereotypical grumpies.

When not collecting shoes, Dustin works full time for his family’s cabinet shop, Equity Cabinets. For MOXIE, he is nothing less than an alchemist. He takes a set model and some drawings and a fixed (small) amount of money, and he makes it all into a set.

He might start by making a 3 D computer model like this one.


Then he tells us how much it is going to cost, suggests cuts or adjustments to get the project within budget, and finally builds it. All of it. He hires any crew that he needs (and we can afford) to get the build done on time, and then leads the MOXIE team in assembling it all on site in a few very long, thrilling days just before we open.

And then we all start taking notes.  That means Dustin has to keep working, making small adjustments right up until opening.

Most people who do what TD’s do will tell you that nobody really knows what all they do.  Honestly, I know that’s true.  But I also know that we appreciate it.

Thanks for being a MOXIE, Dustin!