Babies R Us?

by Esther Emery

NPR took on one of our favorite subjects this morning. Here’s the tag:

Is the Workplace the New Babies R Us? Parents with newborns often face a stressful situation when it comes to work. For new mothers in particular, returning to work can mean a wrenching decision to leave a new baby in daycare or with friends or family. A small but growing number of companies are allowing – even encouraging – parents to bring their babies to work.

It’s a nice little spotlight on a big, big issue. Thanks, NPR.

But one small question… Why Babies R Us? Is that cute? Is it clever? 

I’ll be even happier when a major news outlet can address the issues facing the massive ranks of working parents minus the reductionist headline. Or at least without suggesting to the business world that their offices might get turned into color-coded superstore aisles filled with commerce-crazed moms and their toy-crazed toddlers. 

Is that just me?