Jen? Amy? Put This in a Play!

by Esther Emery

There are fairly strict unwritten rules among my siblings regarding the usage of family history in our sundry creative endeavors. That’s why I can’t use this, but you can.

As I mentioned, I just visited the gentleman I refer to as my “Harvard brother.”  I’d like to pretend that the purpose of that nickname is efficiency, but it’s easy to see through that, since Harvard Brother is actually two more syllables than his given name, Jacob. More likely it’s indicative of my personal hang ups about the Ivy League and how my own education doesn’t rate. But anyway…labels help to organize a big family, and it’s accurate.  He even lives on Harvard Street.

Here’s the scrumptious character detail that should be in someone’s play. Jacob confesses that not only is he once again playing Dungeons and Dragons, he is playing with the same people that he played with in junior high school, via Skype! As he puts it, “there are more people in my peer group playing D&D than there are people who admit they are playing D&D.” Apparently the magician who Skypes in from New Jersey administers cool effects on his computer image whenever he casts a spell.  

Mmm hmm. In case you were wondering who teaches at Harvard University.