Flying with(out) an infant

by Esther Emery

I just spent the weekend in Boston with my brother. And for the first time since August of 2007, I flew by myself.  No stroller. No liquid Tylenol. No origami frogs. No kid. I fully expected to read on the plane,  but there were a few things that took me by surprise.

1) Waiting in line is boring. 

2) Cinnabon is just…Cinnabon. It’s not a potential time bomb requiring that you whip out the graphing calculator and plot blood sugar level over time in relationship to boarding, taxi and take off.

3) I didn’t miss my baby. At all. 

Not only did I read on the plane, I wrote on the plane. I had ideas on the plane. I daydreamed on the plane.

Here’s my question for all of you, parents or no. Is solitude a crucial part of your creative process? When you haven’t had time to yourself for, oh, say…about 19 months…does that affect your ability to generate ideas?