About that MOXIE – JBG

by Esther Emery

Here’s the beauty queen herself claiming the senior photo below:

OK, it’s me.  In 1987. (Good call JT! I graduated in ’88, but senior pics are taken in the fall.)  In a very small town (Noelle) in Northern California (Jo and D) called Morgan Hill.  The furry blue wrap was the photographer’s (Chelsea) indeed, but I do now own a cropped blue furry jacket that is the same color.  Maybe I’ll wear it to the next staff meeting.

I gave up on that failed come-hither glance long ago, but here’s what I find really funny about this photo: everyone is always asking Missy and me if we’re sisters.  Judging from her photo and mine, I doubt anyone would have asked the same back in the late ’80’s…

At Labyrinth rehearsal the other day someone asked me if I knew the whereabouts of “gee-bee.” And I realized that when I introduced our designer, JBG, I should have enunciated a little more clearly.  JBG stands for Jennifer Brawn Gittings. (She’s also okay with being called Jen, or Jennifer, and her husband calls her Jenny. Sometimes I use all three in one conversation just in case.)

Her MOXIE title is Design Ambassador, which we often MOXIE up into Design Badassador. A company with less insouciance might call her a resident designer. She does the costumes for more than half of our shows, and lends her eye as advisor to the rest.  

Here’s what she looks like now, with husband Chris at this year’s San Diego Theatre Critics Circle Awards, where she picked up the prize for her design of Scrooge in Rouge at Diversionary Theatre. 


Great outfit, Jen. All it needs is a fuzzy blue wrap!