Thanks for the Love!

by Esther Emery

This is for anybody who missed our Choose Love! fundraiser on Monday, co-produced with ion theatre, and featuring a reading of Caridad Svich’s The Labyrinth of Desire. 

Here’s the set up…


Rehearsal with Jo Anne…


And the finished product… 


I’d like to give some Love to our incredible design team. In a single day, about one hour of which was actually tech, and with almost no attention from the directors, Ross Glanc gave us those gorgeous lights. 

The entire remainder of the production was designed by Jennifer Brawn Gittings, also known as the MOXIE Design Badassador, with technical direction by Adam Lindsay and essential support from Claudio of ion, Bret at Diversionary, Kristianne at NVA, and our pals Nick and Neil. 

Gwen Fish was our stage manager, Missy Bradstreet ran the sound, and Chelsea Whitmore took the photographs. 

Thanks for the Love!