About that MOXIE

by Esther Emery

Right, so patience isn’t my strong suit. I want to tell you RIGHT NOW about Missy Bradstreet, who was the severely attitudinal college freshman in the photo we posted yesterday.  The date was 1989. The location was Bloomington/Normal, IL, Missy’s home town,  and the next photo in the series features a fellow with a 12 inch “I’m not joking about how I’d rather starve than succumb to the man” mohawk. 

The winner’s ribbon goes to Dustin for guessing 1990, only one year late. Nick also guessed 1990, but he didn’t post his own comment, so I don’t think that counts.

Here’s what Missy looks like now: 


MOXIE Staff Position: Co- Production Manager

What She Does:  Missy stage manages about half the MOXIE Theatre shows, and is production manager for the rest. She stage manages elsewhere as well, especially when begged or coerced by Delicia, and before MOXIE and her daughter were born she worked at San Diego Rep. She designs wigs and makeup for almost all of our shows and some lucky others, including Yank! at Diversionary and The Princess and The Black Eyed Pea at San Diego Rep.  

And she makes sure the Artistic Director eats during tech.