Happy Birthday, Delicia Turner Sonnenberg

by Esther Emery

 From “Sweet Pea”…


  To AD. 


Directing for MOXIE…

(Here with Jason Connors, working on the sound for Bleeding Kansas) 


And directing everywhere else. 

(First rehearsal for Prelude to a Kiss at New Village Arts.)


Wearing her MOXIE for the newspaper…


And loading in the set.


Parenting her kids…

(This gorgeous photo courtesy of Coast Highway Photography)


And hanging out with everybody else’s.


 According to Chelsea…

When I first met Delicia I would have to say that she scared the crap out of me.  She was so confident and straightforward; I knew she would always just tell me how it is, and to me that’s a bit scary.  Now after many shows, meetings, and coffee dates, I can’t thank her enough for being a part of my life.  I have learned so much from her and look forward to learning so much more.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Momma!  Chels

According to Amy… 

I think Delicia is someone who I can honestly say has transformed my life.  Professionally, she saw some glimmer of gold in me, hidden somewhere in the depths, and has never since stopped chipping away at all of the grime (insecurity, lack of knowledge, whatever) that keeps it from shining full out.  She’s blessed me with many opportunities, even when my level of experience could have easily disqualified me, and is teaching me to trust my artistic instincts.  I remember her telling me, during my first set design as I was hemming and hawing over some decision, “Amy, just be a designer.”  Well, okay.  And I really do use the energy of those words all the time.  Personally, Delicia is generous with her time and wisdom, and has listened attentively during times of personal struggle… she has poured so much love onto me…. I love you D…. you rock me out.

And according to JBG.

My first interview in San Diego was with Delicia at the Rep.  I was totally nervous, and was giving what I’m sure was a very formal, stilted interview.  Then Delicia saw I’d worked at Crossroads and said “What was it like being a white girl working with all those black people?”  Or something to that effect, in her fearless, unflinchingly direct yet comic manner.  I relaxed and thought “Nice.  Here’s a woman I can actually have a conversation with.”  To this day Delicia claims that at least one other person (Todd) was at that interview, but in my memory it is only her.  That must say something about her impact on people and the respect they can’t help but give her back. 

Happy birthday, Delicia!