Labyrinth of Desire

by Esther Emery

This is the postcard for our now rapidly approaching fundraiser / “love-raising” event with ion theatre. That last is a reading of The Labyrinth of Desire, by Caridad Svich. We had programmed it to be a full co-production with ion in their Lab Theatre this spring, to be directed by yours truly.  But that isn’t how things are turning out.

Here’s a bit of our joint press release:

In mid-December of 2008, ion theatre discovered that the owners of the property where the Lab was located had made significant financial contributions to the ‘Yes on Prop 8’ campaign. “Our decision is clearly a costly and difficult one for our organization – particularly in this economic climate,” said Glenn Paris, Producing Artistic Director at ion. “After extensive consultation with the artists involved with our company, we made a conscious – and unanimous – decision to stick with our fundamental commitment to equality for all.” Last month, ion closed the doors to the Lab for the last time, which sadly rendered the co-production of The Labyrinth of Desire homeless.

It’s an ironic chance that our homeless co-production just happens to be a play in which passionate people seek out true love and discover their hearts’ desires in some unexpected places. Then again, it isn’t really chance at all that these particular two theatre companies, ion and MOXIE, might be passionate about a play like this. It celebrates the event in which deep, lasting commitment is neither bound by any historical definition of love, nor logically subsequent to it.  Love conquers all, including historical precedent, and most especially its own superficial appearance.  Mmm…I love that story.

I’m bummed that I’m not directing a full production anymore, but we’re going all out for the reading. Food, stage grass, sheer fabric…you name it. All in the name of celebrating love and supporting two homeless theatre companies.

It’s all going down on March 23 at the San Diego Rep. I hope to see you there!