Actually, I Owe MOXIE a Play Two Weeks From Yesterday, or Mighty Mouse vs the Ten Excuses

by Esther Emery

The following are intended to rebut the ten creativity-smothering excuses I posted yesterday. If you haven’t read them, do that first.

1) Pregnancy equals fertility equals creativity. And my left brain is too tired to muster significant resistance. It’s a great time to write a play.

2) My last play wasn’t nearly as bad as it might have been. In fact, I really liked the part where the one girl said “Hi,” and then the other girl said, “Hi,” too. … Right? … No? … Maybe you had to be there.

3) I don’t need my neck for writing. This is actually one of the great advantages to writing as an occupation. At least, I can’t think of very many others.

4) Just what do I think I’m going to do over my morning coffee, restructure AIG? Rewrite the budget bill? Give Hillary Clinton some useful tips regarding political discourse?

5) I am selfish. Trying to get other people to make me feel less selfish is really selfish. To be human is to be selfish. It’s hard to be human, don’t you think? We should make some art about that.

6) Two words for the phone call excuse. Time. Management. Am I pretending that I’m not a stage manager?

7) Am I pretending that I have something to say to you?

8 ) I have Jen Thorn to thank for finding out that picky Penny doesn’t prefer her veggies home-cooked. One fewer reason to feel bad about yourselves, fellow parental units.

9) It’s true. A Midsummer Night’s Dream has already been written. But it doesn’t have a dragon in it. Or two girls that just say, “Hi.” Or the internet.

10) On fear, and why we do it anyway.