I Owe MOXIE a Play Today, or Ten Excuses

by Esther Emery

I enthusiastically helped arrange an in-process table read for Jen Thorn’s play more than a month ago. I check in with Amy Chini about the status of her play(s) almost every time I see her. Meanwhile, my own project, Annabelle and the Dragon, is half-drowned in excuses.

Top these, dear ones.

1) I’m pregnant.

2) My last play wasn’t as good as I think it should have been.

3) My neck hurts.

4) Every time I open my computer I am reminded of twelve dozen things that are more important than me, like AIG, and rape as a weapon of war, and the expanding federal deficit, and the fact that another one of my friends just got laid off, and Kathleen Sebelius, and whether or not Hillary can do even a little bit of good in the Middle East.

5) Writing makes me feel selfish.

6) I really need to call Jacob. And Janet. And Emily. And…

7) You need me to call you.  Don’t you?

8 ) My toddler should eat more vegetables.

9) Someone has already written a play that’s better than the one I’m currently not writing.

10) It takes a long time to write a play. What if this one is like a really annoying acquaintance and I get sick of it after a couple of weeks but it keeps inviting me to come over and watch reruns of, like, Bugs Bunny, and I feel that I can’t say no because I made a commitment even though one of the things I fear most in the world is that I’m going to be zoned out in front of somebody’s TV, with my mouth hanging open, just a little, while a king crab nonchalantly walks into the Pacific Ocean with my life?