Hot Mamas

by third planet living

With The Sugar Syndrome ready to open, and as our entire creative team puts the final touches on their performances, designs and direction, I am feeling very fortunate to be a part of MOXIE, and to be working alongside some of the most talented people in San Diego.

This last week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the moms in the company.   I’ve been watching our Director, our Artistic Director, our Stage Manager, our Production Manager and our Design Ambassador spending hours upon hours in meetings and in rehearsal… staying late to give and receive notes, when I’m sure sometimes they’d rather be at home… spending time with their husbands and snuggling their babies.  I think it really struck me last weekend, when our first Preview fell on Penny’s 1st Birthday, which happens to be on Valentines Day.  Watching Jen throw a birthday party in the morning and afterward move right into a tech rehearsal, and then a performance…

This is challenging work, folks, balancing one’s passion with partnership and motherhood.  Making sure each is receiving enough care and attention.  I wanted to take a moment to let the mommies know that your hard work… the joy you bring to it, and the sacrifices you make, are not going unnoticed.  I respect and honor each of you more than you know.