Missy’s Orders

by Esther Emery

Must. Update. Blog. 

Remember how we blogged last summer about MOXIE staff member Amy Chini (aka The Chini Dog) and her masterful handling of the scenic design for The Listener?  We told you about the junk gathering, laserdisc shattering, and the final product. Oh, and here’s her interview in Street, because apparently the UT also thinks she’s cool.

Well, she got a sweet little Patté Award in “Outstanding Scenic Design” recognizing her for her work on “The Listener.” We’re proud of you, Amy! 

That’s not the only recognition MOXIE got this awards season. Our co-pro with Diversionary Theatre, Bluebonnet Court, walked away with an “Outstanding Ensemble.” 

And in case that wasn’t enough excitement for one month, the San Diego Critics Circle recognized Delicia’s direction for “Fences” at Cygnet Theatre, Jennifer Brawn Gittings’ costume design for “Scrooge in Rouge” at Diversionary Theatre, and Jo Anne’s performance in “The Receptionist” at Cygnet. Did I forget anything? Of course, I don’t need awards to tell me just how cool is the MOXIE pool. I’m privileged to have that information first hand. But I’m glad the know that the rest of the world is paying attention!

Speaking of awards, last year’s MOXIE event including a staged reading of HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE and a panel discussion of child sexual abuse has also got the world paying attention. Here’s Jen:

Last night I learned that on March 11th in Florida my father and I will accept an award from the world’s largest leadership organization YPO-WPO for Best Global Event of 2008.  There are only 8 people in the world to receive this award per year…and 12,000 events were considered. We were judged along side events where Bill Clinton spoke, events that cost a $100,000 to put on.  Apparently, the people who were at our event felt that what we did that night was life changing in a way that super star status and tons of money couldn’t touch.

I’m so glad I got to help!

We load in Sugar Syndrome next week.  Here is a preview of Amy’s scenic design for this one, inspired by skate park architecture.


And here you can see director Jen Thorn and technical director Dustin Long hearing from Amy at the first production meeting. 


I can’t wait to see how this one comes out.