3 MOXIE Ladies and a Baby…in a storage unit

by jenthorn

9:30 am…I’m late.  My daughter on my hip, baby bag on my shoulder and a car full of crap….it’s MOXIE storage day.  I pull up in front of Jo Anne’s place.  Just as I turn the corner my cell phone rings…damn…I hate being late.  It’s no big deal because today Jo Anne, Amy Chini and I are just going to re-organize the MOXIE storage unit, but still, being late sucks.  As I arrive Jo steps out.  Her car is already loaded and ready to go.  Amy is meeting us at the storage place.  We hop in our sseparate vehicles (both filled with random things MOXIE may need again and can’t afford to get rid of just yet) and get on the road.

On the way there I listen to NPR.  I hate watching news and I don’t read the paper so my drive time is my news time.  This means that my daughter Penny’s first words may actually be “This is Steve Inskeep for National Public Radio”.  This morning they discussed the earthquake preparedness drill we are all supposed to know is happening across Ca tomorrow.  I wondered if any of this stuff we were paying to store would really be missed if a hole opened in the earth during an earthquake and it all got swallowed up. The truth is that we can’t afford to re-buy things…no non-profit can…and so into storage the boxes go, waiting for the day when we may need a beer bottle cap studded seat belt/utility belt for post apocalyptic treasure hunting.

We get there and manage to get all the boxes up the stairs.  Amy Chini points out that a horror film should be set in one of those places.  Totally.  I set Penny on the ground to get filthy and play with Jo Anne’s keys and we get to work sorting through the storage unit to make room for the new stuff.  Here are a few things that were in the unit…the ones I think are most interesting…see if you can guess what show they may have been from:

-a brief case with syringes inside
-pink fuzzy slippers
-A massive muslin sail
-silver sparkly construction hats
_a selection of brightly colored carpet samples
-a box full of glass beakers