Between The Stacks

by third planet living

Oy Fundraiser!  

Last night MOXIE had our awesome fundraiser at the Encinitas library.  There was food (amazing amazing AMAZING food thank you Wild Thyme) wine, margaritas, musicathe Kraus family was there in full force… a good time was had by all.

There were several highlights throughout the evening:

The crowd… crowded… into the library stacks to listen as several MOXIEs read excerpts from books written by women.

We got to see John Brooks play the sax.

We had a wicked cool silent auction.  

MOXIE raised some money which, in turn, raised money for the Encinitas Library Theatre (are we cool or what?)

Good times I say.

My favorite moment came with the discussion of creating pre-show variety acts or “MOXIE Shorts” and our very own MOXIE jug band; Achilles Fish Hole.    In case you’re interested, we will be seeking additional band members so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement.  Here’s a comprehensive list of where we’re at…

What we’ve got:

Triangle:  Jo Anne Glover

Kazoo:  Jennifer Brawn Gittings (JBG, we may want to kick it old school and use a comb and tissue paper)

Lead Vocals:  Missy Bradstreet

Backup Vocals:  All (I just decided that)


Playas we need:




Jaw Harp




Stand-up bass 


Some foot tappin’ and/or foot scufflin’ 



As you can see, we have a lot of work to do…


I can’t decide between stand-up bass, squeezebox and harmonica… maybe I can be like Bert from Mary Poppins… have the squeezebox between my legs (alright guys minds outta the gutter), the harmonica in one of those harmonica brace things, and all the while be thumpin on that bass right nicely. Hmm..


I’ve strayed… It was a nice evening last night, thanks so much to all who attended!!