Pancake Communion, or MOXIE’s Post Mortem

by third planet living

We closed and struck Bleeding Kansas yesterday, but pre-show, before the curtain came down on the K.T., all the MOXIEs gathered for our post mortem meeting.  The sights and smells of Sunday breakfast eased us into a discussion about what rocked about the show and what was less than moxielicious, and with bellies full we set our sights on our next production.

At one point during the meeting, I sat there, amongst my friends and thought, YES!  This is why I LOVE MOXIE… 

We’ve decided that alongside our production schedule, there will be a second schedule, a “babysitting” schedule of sorts, where we figure out when the moms among us need sitters, and which MOXIE(s) are available for baby duty.  This is a perfect example of MOXIE walking our talk, supporting female artists in one of the most basic and essential ways.  By incorporating this new schedule, the mommies know their babies are safe and adored and in good hands, and we create and environment where we can all better focus on the work at hand.  This is the epitome of teamwork y’all.  Some of us armed with sewing machines and screw guns, some of us with Cheerios and picture books… and all of us vital to the success of our company.  We’re laying the groundwork for KICK ASS SHOWS and doin’ what needs doin’ to smooth our process.

I think of how many women, (the majority of women), in various fields never get support like this, and I feel very lucky to be here.