Audrey…you kick ass!

by jenthorn

Last night MOXIE did a brief performance of an excerpt from Bleeding Kansasat the open house of one of our board members Julie Godfrey.  Julie gathered all the smart people she knew together in one room to celebrate her new office space in Rancho Bernardo.  Julie is a financial advisor who also happens, thank goodness, to have an aprreciation of and dedication to theatre, namely MOXIE.  After MOXIE had performed and Delicia, Jo Anne and I had worked the room along with board member John Brooks (he worked the room…we didn’t work him…god, your minds people), we ended up at the open wine bar (no surprise) talking to Audrey who works with a certain big name insurance company who shall go unnamed (simply because our topic of conversation had nothing to do with her company).

Let me paint you a picture of Audrey.  She is 45 (she said so) and put together. Perfectly fitting business looking black and white ensemble with an edge of sexy.  Her hair is done, her nails are done, her heels are on…the woman is ON.  I begin chatting with her about being a mother.  She has 2 teenagers and she tells me that her role as a mother is what is most important to her.  Audrey is smoking hot.  She is a New Yorker so she  makes no effort to be “modest” in that annoying way that some successful women feel the need to be.  She lays it out on the table.  She gets up at 5 am so she can see her kids off to school, get dressed in something fabulous, go to work and eat a can of bad ass for breakfast.  She comes home and her family plays a game around the table where they use note cards with vocabulary words to spur discussions about a wide range of things.  Then she get in bed an makes love to her husband BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO.  Audrey started to say that women can “do it all” but then she stopped herself…and said “we can do anything we want to”.  I appreciated that distinction.  What Audrey was saying was that she wanted to do those things and so she did. She made the important distinction between the idea that feminism means we have to do it all and the truth which is that feminism is a belief that we can do what we WANT…and that means one day if she WANTS to be the head of the PTA and quit her job and do puzzles…that’s cool too.  She shared with us how bad ass she is.  No fake modesty…but no over inflated ego either.  She shared how bad ass she is because she could see and appreciated that she was talking with women who eat cans of bad ass for breakfast too.  I felt a kinship with her.  She felt like one of my sisters.  So even if I never see you again Audrey of my dreams…way to go.  You rock our world.