Protecting the Tribe (posted by Jo Anne)

by Esther Emery

As many of you know, lately I’ve been struggling with not sleeping. It sucks. I’ve never had this kind of insomnia / late night anxiety stuff before, and wow, can it screw with you.

But, one of the things I’ve found most interesting is how many of my friends and acquaintances are having trouble sleeping right now, too. Each in differing ways and for individual reasons, but still basically similar ailments. What is it in the universe that’s permeating our beings at that core level? Yes, a lot of people in the world are not sleeping because of the problems in the economy. I have to admit, I don’t think that’s me (at least not on a conscious level – an advantage of not having a lot of money is not having so much to lose in times like this). But, I do wonder if that collective, communal energy is somehow disturbing us on a level and in ways that we can’t see on the surface. I’m certain, actually, that this is true.

And, so my question is what to do with that energy? How do I create a strong, powerful force around myself and my community that counterbalances the fear and anxiety our world is generating? Or, should I just give in and accept that this is just a cycle that we have to move through until we come back around to a period of rest? Or is the answer somewhere in between? I have no idea, but want to believe that there is action that can help my tribe and me navigate through this time.

Lately, I have felt simultaneously isolated and completely surrounded and supported. In the middle of the night, when I am all alone and can’t sleep, I feel so lonely and scared. But, then in the light of day, I reach out and so many beautiful hands reach back.

So, I’d like to share my latest visualization. It is of a tent. It is big and light, with flowing walls and lots of comfortable places to sit and be. It offers shelter, but the breeze flows through, offering fresh breath. My amazing friends and I wander in an out, entering heavy-laden with fears, concerns, sadness, anxieties. And, within the tent, we transform each other – taking all of that shit and using our magic to turn it into gold. Then we send each other back out into a world that needs our healing. We are so much stronger than any crap this world can throw at us.