producer who can’t sleep…will blog

by jenthorn

It’s 2 am.  I should be asleep. My daughter will wake up soon for her middle of the night feeding.
Being in rehearsals means she misses a feeding because she is my daughter and therefor stubborn…which means she refuses something mediocre once she’s gotten a taste of the high quality top shelf variety…in this case that’s milk from the source. But tomorrow is Opening Night and I have a million things on my mind. Here are a few of them…in the natural order I fret over them in bed…for your enjoyment.

1. We had a good preview tonight but I know I need to stay fresh and alert for tomorrow’s opening (I am acting in this one).  I felt nervous and on edge and determined to hit Delicia’s notes before the preview so I can’t rest on the fact that it went well.  I need to stay hungry and on my toes and listening.

2. We need to make some money tomorrow.  How can I make sure that the moment I am off stage I am making connections with donors and subscribers and speaking to the urgency of supporting the arts in these difficult economic times?

3. What am I going to wear tomorrow.  I want to feel hot.  I wander if any of my pre-pregnant clothes fit again?

4.Damn…that stationary store I like is closed down…the one with the great shiny red folders I love to put the press kits in.  I wonder where I can get some nice ones in the morning.  I bet the press don’t even care about those shiny folders…but I do…I love shiny folders…I should try to find some.

5. Damn its already getting to be close to 2 am.  I should sleep…what was it Delicia said she did to get to sleep? Imagine confronting her jerk of an ex-boyfriend and telling him off…that was it.  Which jerk of an ex-boyfriend would I like telling off the most…hmmmm…

6. Maybe I should just get up and work.  There is no way I am going to bed.

7. Damn…do we have good ticket sales for Sunday?  Maybe I should just get up and check the numbers.

8. I could eat something while I am up….

9. Yeah I should totally get up.

10.  Mmmmm…chocolate peanut butter organic ice cream.

I hope you are all sleeping well…if any of you post comments before 6 am I’ll know you were right here with me!