Countdown: three days to opening!

by Esther Emery

Today’s Union-Tribune has a sneak preview of Bleeding Kansas, written by UT theater critic James Hebert. Check it out.

No tornadoes. No Dorothy. No cranky ladies on bicycles.

Sorry, wrong Kansas. The Midwestern state in Kathryn Walat’s play “Bleeding Kansas,” which the Moxie Theatre Co. opens this week at Diversionary Theatre, is both more real and in some ways more scary than the place in “The Wizard of Oz” (and not just because Walat’s work might remind you of everything you missed in U.S. history class).

Read the whole thing here.

We open on Saturday. Woo hoo! However, for the discount shoppers among you, there are pay-what-you-can previews tonight and tomorrow. Go to to find out more.

And, repeated from the comments below, here’s our first review. Thanks, Noelle!

See you there!