One MOXIE’s Dream Birthday & Bleeding Kansas Update

by jenthorn

My birthday was Monday.  I have to share the gifts I received because they were so moxielicious.

-Tickets to see Madonna in concert
– A Makita Nut Driver (one bad ass power tool I have been dreaming of since I borrowed Lighting Designer Mia Bane Jacob’s)
-Gift certificates to places I can buy shoes.

You see…with Madonna, power tools and sexy shoes…I think I might be able to rule the world.

Now a Bleeding Kansas Update:

Opening Night is this Saturday and the show is so ready.  I feel thrilled to be a part of it.  It’s MOXIE so you know the female characters rock but it’s the men in this play who have my heart.  George, Josiah and Red are three characters I feel like I know now.  Three men who feel close to my heart…but that might be because of the incredible men who play them.  David S. Humphry, Chris Buess and Mark Petrich are so stellar in this play, not to mention downright sexy.  In boots, suspenders, baby oil and dirt…how can you resist?  Here is just a taste of sexy Kansas.  You have to buy tickets and come see them yourself though. Click here to do that now BUY TICKETS NOW

Chris Buess as Red in Bleeding Kansas

Chris Buess as "Red" Photo By Erin Bigley Photography

Sorry ladies and gentleman…I met his super cute girlfriend the other night so he is totally taken!